HelloSign 已更名為 Dropbox Sign

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Our vision is to create one organized place for your content and workflows. In line with this vision, we’re delighted to announce that HelloSign is changing its name to Dropbox Sign.

名稱改變後,所有 HelloSign 產品也將同步更名:HelloSign 現在改名為 Dropbox Sign、HelloSign API 改名為 Dropbox Sign API、HelloWorks 改名為 Dropbox Forms,HelloFax 則改名為 Dropbox Fax。

Dropbox Sign, Dropbox Forms, Dropbox Sign API, and Dropbox Fax are in a suite of Dropbox tools that can automate your work and extend your collaboration toolkit. We updated our products and names to reflect this identity and to offer you a wider range of capabilities to serve your customers quickly and securely.


Dropbox Sign 帳戶的其他功能

Dropbox Sign Standard and Premium plans now include Dropbox Forms (50 transactions per month) at no extra charge, so you can collect customer information without sacrificing security. To learn more about Dropbox Forms and the differences in Forms and Sign settings and team permissions, visit this Help Center article.

A screenshot of the Dropbox Sign Pricing page that lists out the features, Dropbox + eSign, Standard, and Premium plans


Dropbox Sign 免費方案現在每月提供無限制自行簽署和三次的簽署要求傳送額度,讓您無限制簽署所有文件。


我們針對產品使用體驗進行了部分更新。登入 Dropbox Sign 網頁應用程式後,您會發現經過重新設計的首頁和入門體驗,突顯可大幅改善工作流程的功能,

a gif of the workflow of templates in dropbox sign



信任是我們與您關係的基礎,我們會繼續透過最穩健的安全與合規功能,保護您的資料。閱讀更多關於 Dropbox Sign 政策的資訊

Dropbox Sign will continue meeting people and teams where they work by integrating with key solutions that make agreement workflows more seamless. Partners like Greenhouse, Ironclad, and Freshworks (coming soon), are already leveraging Dropbox Sign’s best-in-class API to customize and integrate a native eSignature experience directly into their platforms.

"With Dropbox Sign in Freshsales CPQ, sales teams can move faster from quote to cash." — Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer, Freshworks


我們致力實現與客戶及合作夥伴的承諾,這是我們的第一要務;日後如有其他這類的商標變更事宜時,我們會繼續提供最新消息。如果您對 Dropbox Sign 還有其他疑問,請閱讀完整的常見問題集

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