Dropbox Sign NodeJS SDK - All grown up and on NPM!

Derek Barncard
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Some new Dropbox Sign goodness, fresh off the presses. 

If you're developing an application in Node and need to integrate Dropbox Sign's API, now it's even easier than ever, thanks to two big advancements for our NodeJS SDK.

  1. First, our lovingly crafted SDK for Node has reached version 1.0.x and is now officially out of beta! You can find it here on GitHub, complete with some brand spankin' new documentation and tests.
  2. Before you grab it from the above link, there's an easier way - it's also up on NPM.No need to clone - just npm install hellosign-sdk in your project and you're ready to go. See our page on NPM for more details.

We hope you find this effortless and enjoyable to integrate into your projects! 

– The Dropbox Sign Dev Team

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