Fountain Modernizes Hiring, Serving Nearly One Million Job Applications Monthly

Fountain Modernizes Hiring, Serving Nearly One Million Job Applications Monthly

The hourly workforce is the biggest source of jobs in the United States and globally. However, software solutions for the human capital management market have historically focused on salaried employees, with applicant tracking systems designed to hire a specific individual for a specific salaried job.

But in today’s modern workplace the hiring process is entirely different. Companies in industries like delivery, on-demand, retail, grocery, and hospitality need to hire and onboard many applicants at a time.

A few years ago the founders of Fountain, a San Francisco-based startup, identified a way to fill this market gap by developing a hiring automation platform for the modern workforce. Because the most critical part of the hiring process is getting an applicant to the final contract signing stage fast, they set out to integrate a digital transaction management solution.

Fountain initially selected DocuSign for this step, but the integration didn’t give them what they needed. “With DocuSign, applicants had to follow a separate process via email when it came to signing the contract. This was a huge barrier for the applicant,” says Ashley Green, Head of Customer Success. Additionally, the signing flow was DocuSign-branded which led to higher-than-average attrition rates.

Fountain turned to HelloSign to remove every possible barrier to the application process and deliver a true a mobile-first signing experience. “By integrating with HelloSign and white-labeling the contract signing process, we're able to provide a consistent brand experience for our customers and for the applicants,” - says Ashley.

Read the new case study to learn how the HelloSign API integration helped Fountain achieve 10X growth in employer-applicant communications, fuel 10X growth for their largest client, and reduce attrition enabling 96,000 applicants to be hired monthly.

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